My Approach


To make this website interesting and informative, I have included links to articles that I have written recently.  Of course, no-one hires an attorney based on articles they have authored, but I hope that in this way you'll get a sense of my approach which, in general, is to pay attention to details without getting lost in them.

My most important marketing tool is client satisfaction.  I have found that this comes through adherence to the following principles:

Deadlines.   One complaint that I hear most frequently from clients who come to me from other firms is that their existing attorneys miss deadlines when work is promised.  My commitment to you is that I will not miss your deadlines.  Ever.

Results. I often hear clients say that they are looking for a lawyer who is "tough". What they are really looking for, however, is one who will get them the results that they want. While I will not hesitate to be aggressive when the facts warrant it, when dealing with reasonable people it is my experience that an "in your face" approach only creates friction and unnecessarily protracted negotiations.

Courtesy.  There is no excuse for rudeness in the practice of law.  This encompasses not just good manners, but also having consideration for your time.  I value yours as much as my own.  I will never put you on hold, literally or metaphorically.  I also believe that it is essential to show up on time for meetings and to return phone calls promptly (usually the same day) because it is unpardonably rude not to. 

Efficient Communication.  I will make all of my communications with you as productive as possible.  For example, if you are proposing to buy real estate and you send me a copy of the purchase agreement that the seller has asked you to sign then, rather than sending you a memorandum describing the issues or having a lengthy telephone conversation, I'll mark up the document with specific comments which are typewriter ready if the seller agrees with them.  Another example where I use the same approach would be where the client is entering into a lease negotiation with a landlord - in this case I would mark up the lease with my proposed revisions.  This is simply designed to get to the end product - an agreement that both parties are willing to sign - in as short a time and with as little cost as possible.

Teamwork.  You are the decision maker; while I am here to advise, I am not here to insist or to demand.  Clients often are presented with business opportunities that do not lend themselves well to extensive negotiation.  In such situations, I will advise you where the risks lie, so that you can decide whether or not they are worth taking.  And, of course, whenever possible I will suggest alternative strategies or ideas so as to avoid deadlocks or future problems.

Value.  The cost of legal services is always a sensitive issue.  I often point out to new clients that if they needed dental work, they wouldn't choose the cheapest dentist they could find.  The reason is obvious: sometimes one is looking to work up to a standard rather than down to a price. That said, you do want the work done without unnecessary expense.  I will always get the job done as efficiently as possible and will produce detailed bills every month so that you can see exactly what I have been doing for you.  And you will be pleased to know that my billing rates are approximately 40% less than they would be if I were still a partner with a large law firm.  Value based or fixed fee billing arrangements are also available.